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Who needs a Pool Cover? 

Anybody with children

We all know how busy children can get. How unpredictable they are and when it all goes quiet….. That is when you need to check what they are up to. Children is inquisitive, they love to explore and that is good, that is how they learn.

We all have read posts about how fast a child can get into trouble. And in all those posts the parents or caretakers blame themselves even when the truth is accidents happen.

With an automatic pool cover, you have the control to keep them out of the pool, isolated from the water in the pool. 

Always on the go and too busy

You are always busy, working long hours, running around with the kids activities!!

The last thing you want to do is clean the pool in stead of jumping in and relax!!

Yes we all know that feeling, who really wants to clean the pool in the little time you have to relax!

Ok so you got yourself a pool maintenance company to look after your pool! All the costs is climbing… Chemicals, Pool Company, Water Evaporation, Heat evaporation, Electrical bill sky rocketing!

A Pool Cover will make such a big difference, saving you tons of money that you can rather put towards your well deserved holiday.

You get more time to spend with your loved ones instead of all the hours you spend trying to keep your pool clean.

Amazing Designer Home

You are planning the Designer Home of the year!!

You and the design team have worked so hard on getting the feel just perfect. But you are now in a bind, you have to keep the pool child safe and eco friendly.

You have a couple of options..

Put a fence around your pool (there is some nice options on the market) but yes kids can still open a gate or get over it. And you definitely do not want to take away from the design.

Incorporating a automated pool cover into the design of your pool enhances the design of your pool area.

What is the advantages of a Pool Cover? 



Automatic Pool Covers Isolate the inviting pool water from the deck and surroundings. The water cannot be seen or reached by your highly inquisitive children or pets. The Safety of your loved ones is our main priority.


Evaporation of water and chemicals is a major factor on your monthly spent, by covering your pool with a pool cover the evaporation is cut by 90%. If you have a pool heater your heating pump will work 70% less after covering your pool.

Did you know that an average swimming pool can evaporate up to 95,000l of water per year?

Convert all these savings to Rand and you will find that your cover is paid of in 2-3 years.

Not to even speak of the time you save by not having to clean your pool, time you can spend enjoying the pool with your family.


You and your Design team have taken the time to design the perfect pool to fit in with the perfect house.

That is why our pool cover systems are designed to enhance the style of your pool and your stunning house.

The design of the Systems will not distract from the look and feel of your house.

Go to our Cover section and see for yourself how stunning an Automated Pool Cover can be.

Pool Cover Pro Southern Africa

Our team regularly travels all over Southern Africa. We work where ever you are. 

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