//How Rain Affects Your Swimming Pool Maintenance

How Rain Affects Your Pool Maintenance

Here in South Africa, rain and thunderstorms are both common occurrences. While rain is typically not something to fret over, for pool owners, any heavy rain can affect swimming pool maintenance. It is important to plan for rain and to treat your pool after a heavy rain or storm.

While your pool always needs regular pool maintenance—which is something we offer here at Pool Cover Pro, heavy rain requires special handling. The humid, precipitation-heavy summers and cold, blustery winter storms can both affect your pool maintenance task list.

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Rain And Your Swimming Pool

Naturalists talk about corrosive downpour. You might envision a harmful storm of concentrated corrosive, consuming all that it contacts. Be that as it may, corrosive downpour is in reality just marginally acidic, and is normal all over the place. Water, influenced by contamination, has a somewhat lower pH than plain, unbiased water. At the point when acidic water tumbles from the sky and into your pool, it changes the water’s science. Enough downpour can bring down whole your pool’s pH.

Brought down pH can reduce the adequacy of your pool’s chlorine. At the point when your chlorine isn’t at full adequacy, germs and green growth can flourish. Low pH water can likewise prompt extreme skin and eye aggravation for you and your relatives. Fortunately, there are a couple of basic safeguards you can take to keep this from occurring.

Why You Shouldn’t Drain Your Pool Before A Storm

You might have gotten guidance in the past to deplete your pool at the earliest hints of an approaching tempest. From the beginning, it appears to bode well. In a substantial deluge, all that additional water could make your pool excessively. Notwithstanding, this is flawed guidance. Depleting your pool an excessive amount of can be perilous and harm your pool.

In case it was planned and introduced appropriately, your pool ought to have floods that can oblige any abundance water, including precipitation. On the off chance that the estimate calls for hefty precipitation in a brief period and you’re worried about spilling over or flooding, continue gradually. You could lessen your water level an inch or two, as you would when you winterize, however no more without speaking with a pool trained professional.

You ought to never diminish water more than 2-3 inches. Rather than saving your pool, depleting your pool an excessive amount of could make your pool pop right out of the ground during an extreme tempest. As downpour falls and the ground immerses, groundwater levels rise, squeezing the lower part of your pool. On the off chance that your pool isn’t overloaded with sufficient water, the vertical pressing factor can surpass the descending pressing factor. The water pressing factor can push your pool up out of the ground, causing breaks and other harm.

Why You Should Switch Off All Gas And Electrical Lines Connected To Your Pool

It’s consistently a brilliant plan to wind down the electrical switch that is associated with your pool before a tempest. Downpour water and power don’t blend. The electrical units connected to your pool, like the siphon or an electric warmer, ought to be secured against water when they are unblemished. Be that as it may, substantial downpour and wind can drive water into small breaks in your hardware, gambling extreme harm.

Prior to an especially vicious tempest, make a point to wind down any gas lines to your pool’s gear. In a tempest, savage breezes or falling flotsam and jetsam can harm gas lines. In the event that you neglect to turn off a gas line before a tempest hits, you could cause a gas spill. Spilling gas is perilous and typically requires proficient intercession.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Pool Cover

Downpour can influence pool upkeep for your pool cover, as well. In principle, utilizing a pool cover to shield your pool from approaching garbage and foliage during a tempest might appear to be a smart thought. In any case, in a solid tempest, the breezes from the tempest can really rip your cover off the pool, causing tears and harm. This is especially valid for slight sun based covers.

More tough covers, for example, winterizing covers or security covers, can tolerate upping to a tempest better. Porous security covers permit water to enter your pool and stream out through the implicit flood instruments. In any case, a strong cover can gather water, overloading it and causing harm. Any pool that utilizes a strong security or winterizing cover should likewise have a siphon to eliminate water from the cover after it downpours.

Downpour Can Affect Swimming Pool Maintenance After the Storm

It very well might be tempting to quickly walk out on after a tempest closures and wrench of the channel. However, you ought to abstain from doing as such, as it can really harm your pool gear.

All things considered, go to your skimmer first. Physically eliminate any trash that might have entered your pool during the tempest. Skim out however much as could be expected, as this will ensure your siphon and channel. Your pool channel is worked for little particles, not huge leaves, rocks, and other harm causing flotsam and jetsam.

You can generally contact Pool Cover Pro for additional expert pool care previously or following an awful tempest. Our master professionals will guarantee your pool is looking and working its best all through the season!



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