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Automatic Vinyl Pool Covers

Cover Description

The cover slides in tracks that is installed on the side of the pool. Depending on the installation method the tracks is either built into the pool under the coping or installed on top of the coping (this track is rounded and child feet proof).

Top Track installation

This system is perfect for an existing pool as the pool does not require any modifications except for an electrical point. The top track installation is used in this method. The tracks is rounded so little feet cannot get hurt against any edges. The bench frame can be cladded of your choice of decking. A lot of our clients turn the bench into a lounge area with cushions or even a space for decorative statues and plants to extend their landscaping.

Recessed installation

The Recessed system is completely hidden when open, it is a common option for client that is still building their pool or with some renovation it can also be installed in an existing pool. The tracks and mechanism get installed under your coping tiles or decking. When closed the style enhances your design of your patio and pool area.

Cover Operation Options

The cover range of covers comes with different operation options.

  • Wall mounted keypad
  • Wall mounted key switch
  • Home automation


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