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Automatic Slatted Pool Cover

Pool Cover Description

The Automatic Slatted Pool Cover slides on top of the water with ease. Depending on the installation method the cover either rests on a safety ledge built into your pool or a safety rail that is installed just under the water level. This prevents the cover from submerging into the water and keep your loved ones save. The solar slat will increase the temp of your pool up to 7°c as it insulates the heat it generates due to its colour.

Above ground Pool Cover installation

This system is perfect for an existing pool as the pool only requires an electrical point. The bench frame can be cladded with your choice of decking. A lot of our clients turn the bench into a lounge area. Or even a space for decorative statues and pot plants to extend their landscaping. So NO the fact that your pool is already built does not mean you can not have one of these amazing Pool Covers

Recesses under ground Pool Cover system

The Recessed system is completely hidden under ground. It is a common option for the client that is in the building phase or planning to renovate their pools. The mechanism is installed under your coping tiles or decking at the deep end or steps of your pool. When closed the style enhances your design of your patio and pool area. You can relax knowing your children and pets is safe from drowning.

Slat options

Your choice of PVC or Poly-carbonate depends on your needs. Poly-carbonate is the most popular choice as it is much stronger and durable for our clients that gets a lot of hailstorms. The durability of the Poly-carbonated slats is about 20 years and the PVC slats is about 15 years.

Pool Cover Operation Options

The slatted range of covers comes with different operation options.

  • Remote control
  • Wall mounted key switch
  • Home automation


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