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Automatic Pool Covers Saves lives, time, and money!! Backed with over 15 years of experience you are sure to get the best service on the market.

Pool Cover Pro Experience

Braam du Plessis opened his own company in 2018. He is passionate to provide his costumers with the best quality pool covers available on the market.

Braam worked with well known Luxury Home Developers, Architects, Builders and Project Managers. Creating the most amazing and stylish pools.

Braam has installed more than 1000 Automatic Pool Covers all over SA and Neighbouring countries.

Nico has joined his Dad in the field to learn from the best. Braam and Nico make a dynamic team that works fast and accurate with great care.

Irene joined the team as well and with her vast experience in superstructure Construction Planning and Project management your project is in great hands.

Pool Cover Pro is a Family that cares about your Family.

The Pool Cover Pro Vision

The vision of Pool Cover Pro is to wish the safety of all children, for no person to ever have a negative experience around pool safety and to only make good and lasting memories of family fun around and in the pool. Safety is the key to all this.

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We Cover Pools all over Southern Africa

Pool Cover Pro takes regular trips to different parts of South Africa due to the demand for quality Automated Pool Covers. All over Southern Africa, we get requests for Automated Pool Covers that delivers to Safety, Savings and Style. Our Clients invest only in the best quality products and services. 

As Braam has a vast experience in the Pool Cover industry we service and repair pool covers from Pool Cover Specialist™ Latham, Grando, Ecoline and any other Pool Cover model. If you are in need of a service or repair to your automated pool cover, Contact us via our Contact Us page to book a service or repair. 

Pool Cover Pro Certification

In 2015 Braam received his Dealership certificate from Pool Cover Specialist™ Latham in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The certification coarse was stretched over 5 days of technical studies and in-field testing. 

Pool Cover Pro is the sole dealer and only trained technician in South Africa to install and service the Pool Cover Specialist TM Pool Cover. 

Latham Certification

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